As a Canadian copywriter I know you can instantly enhance the meaning and value of any piece of communications just by changing the words.

Unlike photography and design, copy writing is the easiest element to change and update. Here are two sample before-and-after ads so you can see what I mean.


Before: It’s not a bad headline. Although the promise is a little dull and flat. And certainly doesn’t reinforce the bank’s positioning.
After: Less is more. Headline shows growth. Bank of Melbourne now owns business banking in Melbourne. Which definitely reinforces positioning.
Before: Headline reads like the brief. Perfunctory with no emotional benefit. Typical saving-as-value offer that’s too easy to dismiss.
After: Front and center. Emotional benefit of becoming a Financial Review subscriber is unmissable.

As I copywriter I don’t see my clients as clients. I see them as friends. Good friends.
It makes for a more personable, more human working relationship. More honest, open and true.

More authentic too. An upbeat and easygoing association that produces better work and better results. Because going the extra mile (or 1.609344 kilometre) is what friends do for friends.

Over the years I’ve worked with friends here and abroad on everything from rousing speeches to game changing advertising campaigns with unforgettable slogans.

I love working with smart friends. Here are just a few I’ve helped succeed.


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